The Air Force says a Taurus missile fired from a F-15K fighter jet above the Yellow Sea hit a target after flying 400 kilometers on Wednesday.
The Air Force said the Taurus missile avoided obstacles that were set up in advance and hit the target after cruising at a high speed and low altitude.
The air-to-surface stealth missile with a range of 500 kilometers can precisely hit key enemy targets in areas beyond the enemy’s defense network if signs of North Korean provocations are detected.
The missile cannot be detected on the North’s radars given its stealth technology and can accurately hit targets within three meters amid jammed airwaves as it is equipped with military GPS.
The Taurus is considered to be a key part of the “Kill Chain” preemptive strike system as it has the destructive power to penetrate three meters of reinforced concrete.
South Korea’s military plans to bring in 170 Taurus missiles from Germany before the end of the year and 90 more afterwards.