The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set the living wage for next year at nine-thousand-211 won per hour or about eight U.S. dollars.
The figure is up 12-point-four percent from this year’s living wage of eight-thousand-197 won. It's also 22-point-three percent more than next year’s minimum wage of seven-thousand-530 won per hour.
Accordingly, low-income earners in Seoul, who have been designated as the subject of the living wage system, will see their monthly salary jump by 211-thousand-926 won to one-million-925-thousand-99 won next year.
Seoul has been providing living wages in a step-by-step manner to people who work in city-invested or funded entities and their subsidiaries as well as participants in a Seoul City program on providing job support. Next year, around ten-thousand people are set to receive living wages.
Seoul City is aiming to raise the living wage to the ten-thousand won range by 2019.