The official newspaper of North Korea’s ruling Workers' Party has claimed that the key to easing tensions and securing peace on the Korean Peninsula lies in completely driving out U.S. forces from South Korea.
The Rodong Sinmun said Wednesday that what it called “the U.S. forces’ occupation of South Korea" is the fundamental cause of destruction of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia.
The paper said in an editorial that the U.S. doesn’t want tensions to ease on the peninsula because it will then have no excuse for its forces to stay in South Korea. It claimed that the U.S. is aiming to permanently occupy the South by intentionally raising tensions.

The North’s external propaganda organization, Korea National Peace Committee, said Friday upon the 72nd anniversary of the deployment of U.S. troops that the North Korean people will no longer tolerate the misery and pain that has been brought about by the U.S.’ forced occupation of South Korea.