Anchor: The beginning of any Olympics is always signaled with the torch relay and the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Games will be no different. In the first of a special three-part series, our Park Jong-hong reveals some of the lineup of those taking part in the prestigious torch relay.
Report: The Olympic flame for the Pyeongchang games will travel across 17 cities from Jeju island in the south to Gangwon Province in the north. 

Seven-thousand-500 people will carry the torch from November first when it arrives at Incheon Airport from Greece until it is lit at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium on February ninth. 
Among the celebrities and average citizens who will carry the torch, the Korean soccer legends Cha Bum-keun and Cha Doo-ri stand out.
The father and son duo are well known as the former Korean national team’s head coach and current coach.
Also on the list of torchbearers are Olympic fencing gold medalist Park Sang-young and veteran marathoner Lee Bong-joo.

Official Olympic partner Coca-Cola announced a list of torchbearers dubbed the Dream Mentors last week, adding that they will take part with a group of teenagers.
National soccer hero Cha Bum-keun said he is genuinely happy to be taking part in the relay for the country’s first-ever winter Olympics and expressed hope that the occasion will be inspirational to young children.
Marathoner Lee Bong-joo said taking part as a torchbearer in the 1988 Seoul Olympics as a high school student motivated him to pursue his dream to be a marathoner and wished that the teens taking part will also harness the occasion to go after their dreams.
Park Jong-hong KBS World Radio News.