Anchor: In the second of a three-part special on the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Park Jong-hong tells us about the coveted medals that will be awarded throughout the games. Both the first and last medals given out will be at the cross country event. 
Report: A total of 102 gold medals are up for grabs at the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
The snow competition category will be giving away 70 gold medals while the ice rink category will be awarding 32.
This is based on a detailed schedule recently announced by the Winter Olympics and Paralympics Organizing Committees following close consultations with the International Olympic Committee, seven international federations and the official domestic broadcaster OBS.
It just so happens that the first and last gold medals will be awarded at the cross-country skiing event dubbed the ‘marathon on snow.’
The first medal will be awarded for the women’s 15 kilometer skiathlon that is set to kick off at 4:15 p.m. on February tenth and the last medal will be awarded in the same women’s event, but the 30 kilometer discipline on February 25th.
The coveted medals themselves have the Olympic rings inscribed on the front of the medal while the PyeongChang games’ emblem and the individual sporting event are on the back.
The side of the medal has the words “PyeongChang Olympics two-thousand-eighteen” written in Hangeul in a three-dimensional effect and the ribbon that will be tied to the medal is made of fine gauze used in making traditional hanbok.
One of the key highlights, the figure skating event, will start off with the team competition on February ninth. The gold medalists in five major events including team, men and women’s singles, will be determined until February 23rd.
On February 25th, the closing day, the figure skating gala will bring the global sporting event to a memorable close.
The organizing committee said the schedule was mapped out considering the weather data and the popularity of the respective events.
Park Jong-hong KBS World Radio News.