The Venerable Seoljeong has been elected as chief administrator of South Korea's largest Buddhist sect.

The 75-year-old monk, who served as the spiritual leader of Sudeok Temple, was chosen in an election on Thursday to lead the Buddhist Jogye order. He will succeed the outgoing leader of the sect, the Most Venerable Jaseung.

Two-hundred-34 members of the 319-member electoral college voted for the Venerable Seoljeong in an election held at the Memorial Hall of Korean Buddhist History and Culture in central Seoul. Eighty-two members voted for the Venerable Subul.  

Two other contenders withdrew their candidacy before the vote. 

The Venerable Seoljeong’s four-year term will begin on October 31st if the Jogye order’s top decision-making body, the Congress of Elders, approves his election next week.