The National Assembly’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee’s inspection of the Constitutional Court got off to a rough start on Friday, as opposition lawmakers declared a boycott. The lawmakers are protesting President Moon Jae-in’s decision to keep Kim Yi-su as acting chief of the Constitutional Court.
The audit of the top court was suspended even before the court’s officials could brief them on their duties. Senior members of the parliamentary committee held a meeting shortly after and decided to set a date on when to resume the session before the assembly’s overall inspection of government agencies ends.
When acting court chief Kim was set to make a statement at the inspection, opposition lawmakers argued that the system by which the Constitutional Court is being led by him goes against the Constitution and vowed to reject the inspection. Minor opposition People’s Party  Representative Lee Yong-ju said the inspection was inappropriate since Kim's nomination was rejected at the assembly last month.
The main opposition Liberty Korea Party voiced the need for Kim to step down.
The ruling camp, for its part, said there were no legal flaws in Kim heading the court as acting chief.