The flame for the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games is burning strong on Jeju Island on Thursday, a day after it arrived in South Korea to be passed throughout the country on a 100-day journey to the opening ceremony of the games.
As part of the Olympic torch relay, the Olympic flame, stored safely in a security lamp, was transported from Incheon to Jeju Wednesday evening.
The arrival of the flame was celebrated at Jeju International Airport with the attendance of Governor of Jeju Won Hee-ryong who expressed hope for the success of the upcoming Olympics. Jeju International Airport is the site where the Olympic flame landed in South Korea from Greece 30 years ago when Seoul hosted the Summer Olympic Games. 
In line with the island's initiative to be carbon-free, the celebratory event featured a performance in which some 50 people charged the electric car that transported the flame by stepping on special tiles to make electricity. 
Kim So-hye, who was a member of the now disbanded project girl group, I.O.I., was the first to bear the torch in Jeju.
The flame will travel a total of two-thousand-18 kilometers across South Korea -- signifying the 2018 games -- until it is delivered to the PyeongChang Olympic stadium on February ninth.