Government data shows that despite an increase in the number of local organ donors in recent years, tens of thousands of South Koreans are still waiting to receive organ transplants.
The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(KCDC) said on Monday that the number of those donating their kidneys, livers and bowels, pancreases, hearts and lungs is on the rise from two-thousand-422 in 2013 to two-thousand-865 last year.
However, the number of people on the transplant waiting list has been increasing from 26-thousand-36 in 2013 to 30-thousand-286 last year.
The KCDC said it plans to strengthen online activities to promote organ donation.
The number of brain-dead donors per one million people in South Korea stands at nine-point-96, much lower than 36 in Spain, 28-point-five in the U.S. and 22-point-52 in Italy.