The largest shareholder of MBC has decided to sack the head of Korea’s second-largest public broadcaster.  

The Foundation for Broadcast Culture(FBC) held an extraordinary board meeting on Monday afternoon and passed a motion recommending the dismissal of MBC President Kim Jang-kyom.

Six of the nine board members attended the meeting, and five of them voted in favor of the motion, while the other abstained.

Kim’s dismissal was approved at MBC’s shareholders’ meeting later in the day. 

In early November, five pro-government board members of the FBC submitted the motion seeking to remove Kim over MBC’s alleged pro-government activities under the previous conservative governments. Kim was also accused of unjust labor practices against employees and losing his ability to properly manage the company.  

The labor union of MBC has been striking for more than 70 days demanding Kim be sacked. In a statement, the union said it welcomes the board's decision to fire Kim and plans to end the general strike as early as Wednesday.