A parliamentary committee has failed to adopt a confirmation hearing report on venture minister nominee Hong Jong-haak due to objection from opposition parties.
The committee on trade, industry, energy, SMEs and startups planned to hold a plenary session to adopt the report at 10 a.m. Monday, but the session was held after 5 p.m. with only ruling party lawmakers in attendance. 
Opposition parties have called Hong unfit to lead the newly created Ministry of SMEs and Startups, taking issue with his family's property inheritance and controversial remarks made in the past.
The initial deadline for adopting the report was Monday, three days after Hong's confirmation hearing on Friday. With the failed adoption, the presidential office may now ask parliament to issue a report within ten days. 

If rival parties fail to adopt a report again, the president can exercise his authority to push ahead with the appointment. However, such a move would draw a strong backlash from the opposition and could lead to a deadlock in the political sector.