The North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea on Monday via the Joint Security Area(JSA) was found to have approached the North’s guard post near the JSA in a military jeep.
The UN Command(UNC) said in a statement that the North Korean soldier came up to the Military Demarcation Line(MDL) in a vehicle then sprinted across the heavily-militarized border.
The command said that while trying to flee, the soldier was shot at indiscriminately by other North Korean troops.
A military source said that several North Korean troops chased after the escaping soldier and opened fired at him with intentions to kill.
The soldier was said to have suffered organ injury after being shot in the chest and stomach.
The source said further light will be shed on details through a probe being conducted by the UNC Military Armistice Commission.
South Korea’s JSA guards were found to have monitored the North Korean soldier’s escape to the South in real-time.