The Seoul High Court has handed out prison sentences to Choi Soon-sil and other figures related to the unfair admission of Choi’s daughter, Chung Yoo-ra, into Ewha Womans University.
The high court on Tuesday sentenced Choi to three years in prison for obstructing school operations, upholding a ruling that the Seoul Central District Court issued 144 days ago.
The high court upheld a two-year prison sentence for former Ewha Womans University President Choi Kyung-hee and for former dean of Ewha Womans University's College of Science and Industry Convergence, Kim Kyung-sook.
The court also found the former university president guilty of giving false testimony before the National Assembly.
Nam Kung-gon, the university's former head of admissions, was sentenced to one-and-a-half years in prison. The court also found Nam guilty of obstructing the operations of the Education Ministry’s special audit.
The court sentenced two professors charged with giving Chung Yoo-ra favors in grades to one year in prison with a two-year suspended sentence.
The high court recognized that Choi and key Ewha officials colluded to give preferential treatment to Chung in both admission and in her grades. The court also found that Choi and the top university officials conspired with Chung.
The court said that the accused disregarded the law and procedures, broke rules and deserted belief and trust toward fairness and justice.