The Unification Ministry has expressed hope that North Korea will decide to take part in next year’s PyeongChang Winter Games and hold sincere talks with South Korea on making the upcoming games an Olympics of peace.
The ministry revealed the wish in a statement on Tuesday regarding the UN General Assembly’s unanimous adoption earlier in the day of a resolution calling for a truce around the period of the PyeongChang games.
The ministry said that through the latest resolution, UN member states have revealed hope that the PyeongChang games will promote peace and understanding of humankind through sports and the Olympic ideal and provide a vital opportunity to create peace on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia.
The ministry said that peace is the fundamental spirit of the Olympics, noting that the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics contributed to promoting reconciliation between the East and West and ending the Cold War.
The ministry said through the upcoming games, Seoul hopes not only to build peace on the Korean Peninsula but also promote world peace and cooperation.