President Moon Jae-in has emphasized South Korea’s will to actively cooperate with Russia’s plan to develop its Far East region.
During a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Manila on Tuesday on the sidelines of regional gatherings, Moon reiterated his plan to build a stronger partnership with Russia through his northern economic policy and vision.
Moon said Seoul will try to bolster simultaneous cooperation with Russia in various areas through so-called “nine bridges” to strengthen their bilateral ties such as shipbuilding, ports, and Arctic routes, adding the Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation will spearhead the South Korean efforts.
Noting that Moscow is one of the top priorities in Seoul’s diplomatic and security policies, Moon said he will try to lead the strategic cooperation between the two countries to play a pivotal role for stability and prosperity not only for the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia but also for Eurasia.
Medvedev said South Korea is one of Russia’s partners in the Asia-Pacific and the two countries are maintaining a friendly relationship.
He added that Russia, like South Korea, has deep interest in the peace of the Korean Peninsula, emphasizing it is his country’s persistent stance.