The culture of making kimchi has been recognized as an intangible cultural asset.
The Cultural Heritage Administration announced on Wednesday that it designated “kimchi making” as National Intangible Cultural Heritage Number 133. The administration had issued an advance notice of its planned designation earlier in September.
“Kimchi making” refers to the different types of kimchi by region and related cultures. It has a wider concept than “Kimjang,” the annual tradition of making a large amount of kimchi ahead of the winter season, which was added to the UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritages back in 2013.
The administration said one of the reasons the designation was made was because the culture of kimchi making has been handed down for generations and is part of Koreans’ everyday lives.
The administration, however, decided not to recognize specific kimchi makers or organizations in consideration of the fact that making kimchi is a part of everyday life and does not require advanced technique.
An official of the administration said that the agency will pursue various research and projects on keeping records to further unveil the values of cultural properties regarding kimchi making.