The nation’s three terrestrial broadcasting stations, including KBS, began a two-way service of ultra high-definition(UHD) broadcasting on Tuesday for the first time in the world.
With the new service, UHD TV viewers will be able to enjoy more convenience. For example, they can immediately watch a program by hitting the replay button on their remotes.
The replay function has become possible through TIVIVA, which is a two-way service that has combined terrestrial UHD and IP-TV, or Internet Protocol TV.
To promote UHD broadcasting, KBS, MBC and SBS launched the TIVIVA service through a deal with LG Electronics. With the deal, LG will install UHD antennas free of charge for those who buy UHD TVs through next March.
KBS plans to air live with UHD broadcasting the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games and competitions of popular sports, including figure skating.