Two figures involved in the corruption scandal that ousted ex-President Park Geun-hye were sentenced to prison on charges of coercing Samsung Group to make donations to Korea Winter Sports Elite Center.
The Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday announced the ruling which came 363 days after the case was referred to the court.
Jang Si-ho, niece of ex-President Park's longtime friend Choi Soon-sil, received two years and six months behind bars while former vice minister of culture Kim Chong received a three-year sentence.
Jang and Kim are believed to have colluded with Choi to extort some one-point-eight billion won from Samsung Group and Grand Korea Leisure through the sports center, which Jang was operating at the time.
Jang is also accused of wrongfully acquiring public subsidies worth 710 million won and embezzling half that amount from the sports foundation.
Meanwhile, the former vice minister has been charged with leaking state secrets by sharing classified documents with Choi to gain control over a regional sports organization.
The two offenders had stood trial under detention but Jang was freed in early June after her detainment period ended.