A U.S. think tank says that 49 countries have violated international sanctions against North Korea over the last three years.
According to CNN on Wednesday, the Institute for Science and International Security said in its report that a total of 49 countries violated United Nations sanctions on North Korea to varying degrees between March 2014 and September of this year.
The countries include North Korea's top trading partner, China, as well as Germany, Brazil, India and France.
The report said that 13 of the countries, including Angola, Cuba, Mozambique, Tanzania, Iran, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Syria, have been linked with North Korea's military.
The report said that these mostly undemocratic regimes received military training from North Korea, or received or exported military related equipment to or from North Korea.
It also said that 20 countries have been linked with transporting illicitly-traded technologies, goods, and minerals to and from North Korea often by "re-flagging" or changing the national registration of ships to disguise their origin.