South Korea's three major political parties have agreed to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session this month.

Following a lunch meeting in Seoul on Thursday, ruling Democratic Party Floor Leader Woo Won-shik and his counterparts from the largest opposition Liberty Korea Party(LKP) and the minor opposition People’s Party, Chung Woo-taik and Kim Dong-cheol, said the two-week session will begin on Monday.

During the session, the rival parties are expected to focus on major bills being pushed by each party.

The bills supported by the DP include the creation of an agency tasked with investigating corruption involving high-ranking government officials.

The bill, as well as one on reforming the National Intelligence Service(NIS) and a revision to the Labor Standards Act aimed at reducing weekly working hours, are all facing strong opposition from the LKP.

The main opposition party plans to focus on bills intended to help invigorate the economy, including a special act on regulation-free zones, a service industry advancement act as well as bills related to labor market reform.

The People’s Party plans to join hands with the minor conservative Bareun Party to pass the special act on regulation-free zones and the service industry advancement act as well as revisions to the broadcasting act, special inspector law, local autonomy act and national sports promotion act.