A new survey finds that the level of satisfaction of Korean food stood at some 80 percent among foreigners living abroad.
The Korean Food Promotion Institute surveyed six-thousand foreigners in ten major cities around the world aged between 20 and 59 online between September 29th and October 20th of last year. 
The survey found that 64-point-one percent are aware of Korean food and 83-point-two percent are content with Korean cuisine.  
The survey was carried out on five-thousand people who eat out more than once a month and on a booster sample of one-thousand people who eat out more than three times a month.
The survey found that by region, Southeast Asia ranked top with 80 percent in terms of being most aware of Korean food followed by China, the U.S., Europe and Oceania. Japan ranked bottom in terms of awareness with some 33 percent.
Southeast Asia was also on top in terms of satisfaction with Korean food with some 89 percent followed by the U.S., Europe and Oceania and China. Japan also ranked bottom in terms of satisfaction.
Awareness and satisfaction of Korean food in Southeast Asia are apparently high amid growing interest toward South Korean culture there, including K-pop and TV dramas.