Some of South Korea's former Olympic champions will take part in the PyeongChang Olympic torch relay on Sunday as it passes through the home stadium of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. 

The ceremony is to mark the first arrival of the Olympic torch at the Seoul Sports Complex in Jamsil. 

Several gold medalists, including Hyun Jung-hwa and Yang Young-ja, who won the table tennis women’s doubles at the Seoul Olympics, will participate as torch bearers at Jamsil stadium. 

The mascots of the PyeongChang Games, Soohorang and Bandabi, will join the event along with the Seoul Olympic mascot, Hodori. 

The torch for the PyeongChang Games arrived in South Korea via Incheon International Airport on November first and has crisscrossed the country since then. It will arrive at the PyeongChang Olympic stadium for the opening ceremony on February ninth.