Prosecutors are expanding their probe on allegations that senior officials of past conservative administrations received funds from the country's spy agency. 

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office said Friday that investigators raided the homes and offices of three former officials under the Lee Myung-bak administration who are suspected of receiving special activities funds from the National Intelligence Service(NIS) when Won Sei-hoon was the director. 
One of three officials whose home was searched was Kim Paik-joon, who served as general affairs secretary to former President Lee and was often referred to as Lee's butler.

Prosecutors also raided the home and offices of Kim Hee-jong, who was Lee's personal secretary and Kim Jin-mo, who served as Lee's secretary for civil affairs.

Prosecutors confiscated their mobile phones, documents and hard drives to search for evidence.

Earlier this month ex-President Park Geun-hye was hit with additional charges of receiving three-point-six billion won from the NIS's special activities fund.