With the wrap-up of the North Korean high-level delegation's South Korea trip on Sunday, the presidential office will discuss follow-up measures to maintain the momentum for dialogue between the two Koreas.

The top office is expected to focus efforts on securing the support of the U.S, China, Russia and Japan to create an environment that is conducive for inter-Korean talks in the wake of Pyongyang’s invitation to President Moon Jae-in while also working on mediating dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang. 

Moon went over national issues with key aides including Chief of Staff Im Jong-seok and head of the National Security Office Chung Eui-yong on Monday. Though it isn't known whether specific follow-up measures were discussed, Moon and his aides are likely to have shared views on his initiative to make the North Korean delegation’s visit an opportunity to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula. 

The presidential office is likely to work on seeking talks between Washington and Pyongyang as it believes it will be difficult to pursue Moon’s visit to the North or an inter-Korean summit without U.S.-North Korea dialogue coming first.