President Moon Jae-in has called for continuous efforts to eradicate long-standing corruption in the public sector. 

Chairing a Cabinet meeting via video conference on Tuesday, Moon stressed that it must never be forgotten that the current administration was launched amid the public's resentment and condemnation of the previous government's corrupt practices.

He then expressed hope that the current administration will make significant headway in differentiating itself from the past administration in terms of the integrity of public institutions.

Moon noted the level of integrity in public institutions, including central and local government agencies, has increased in general. 

He deemed this as a sign that a culture of integrity in the public sector is gradually being established with his administration's string of anti-corruption efforts.

Ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays that will begin on Thursday, Moon ordered government ministries to ensure a level of preparedness in all public safety sectors, including traffic, food hygiene, disaster response and emergency medical services.