Seoul has underscored Tokyo’s role in addressing the issue of Japan’s wartime sexual slavery. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Noh Kyu-duk relayed the South Korean government’s stance in a regular media briefing on Tuesday, responding to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s emphasis during his recent meeting with President Moon Jae-in that South Korea should follow through with the 2015 bilateral agreement on the victims of the wartime sexual enslavement.  

Noh said that it is important for a related country to try to recover the honor and dignity of the victims and heal their traumas, apparently referring to Japan. 

The spokesman also said there is no change in Seoul’s plan to come up with follow-up measures to the contentious deal based on the opinions of the victims. 

When asked about the possible progress in talks related with a trilateral summit among the leaders of South Korea, China and Japan, Noh said discussions are still under way and details will be announced when a decision is made.