The prosecution has decided not to refer a suit filed against McDonald's Korea and four of its staff members to trial.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office said Tuesday that prosecutors reached the decision for the suit filed by four people who accused four store employees of violating the the Food Sanitation Act.

The prosecution said there was a lack of evidence to prove that the alleged cases of  hemolytic uremic syndrome(HUS), known as the hamburger disease, were directly linked to the fast food giant and its staff.  

In July last year, a mother of a five-year-old filed a case against McDonald's Korea, claiming her daughter had contracted a kidney disorder after consuming a McDonald's Happy Meal bulgogi burger set in September, 2016. After that, four others complained of similar incidents.

However, prosecutors found that the hamburger patties which were suspected of containing E. Coli, were delivered in large quantities to McDonald's Korea. They indicted the supplier's CEO and related officials without detainment.