All cold wave advisories that had been in place in South Korea for the past three days have been lifted as temperatures recover to the seasonal averages. 

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA), the day-time high in Seoul hit four-point-three degrees Celsius at 4 P.M. on Tuesday, close to the average seen in recent years. The mercury was six-point-one degrees higher than the same time on Monday. 

Compared with Monday, when most of the central region posted sub-zero temperatures even in the afternoon, all 54 measuring spots across the country posted above freezing day-time highs on Tuesday, except Daegwallyeong Pass in PyeongChang, which only reached minus three-point-four degrees Celsius. 

The temperature, including windchill, also rose to zero-point-five degrees Celsius in Seoul, from minus seven-point-six degrees on Monday.