A Seoul court has rejected prosecutors’ request for an arrest warrant for former presidential secretary Jang Dasaro who was allegedly involved in illegal polls conducted during the Lee Myung-bak administration.

The Seoul Central District Court on Tuesday turned down the request, saying it cannot recognize the need for Jang’s arrest. 

The court decision came a day after prosecutors sought the warrant, charging Jang with bribery, incurring losses of government money and fabricating state documents.

Jang allegedly received one billion won in funds from the National Intelligence Service in 2008 to conduct illegal surveys, or when he was secretary for political affairs for President Lee Myung-bak. Prosecutors suspect that the top office carried out such surveys ahead of the 18th general elections to determine public opinion on pro-Lee and pro-Park Geun-hye candidates.

Prosecutors also believe that when he was the key presidential official charged with general affairs in 2012, Jang fabricated documents for a survey on the approval rating of candidates for the 19th general elections and later pocketed some 800 million won in top office funds.