The Defense Ministry has found that the military cyber warfare command operated an assessment team that sought out people who posted comments critical of the government. 

The ministry’s task force charged with probing the cyber command's online comment activities revealed the finding on Wednesday. 

According to the task force, the military cyber command operated such a team from early 2011 to October 2013 to find pro-North Korea, anti-government and anti-military forces. 

At the time, the cyber command referred to people who posted pro-Pyongyang and anti-government comments as “black pen” and “red pen,” while calling people considered right-wing “blue pen.”

The task force said that the assessment team searched for online comments on portal sites and divided comments into three groups; pro-North Korea, critical of the president or government policies and critical of the military.

The team then notified its findings to the National Police Agency and shared some of its data with the Defense Security Command.