KBS World Radio strives to promptly update our listeners on safety procedures during emergency situations. The following are recommended guidelines to follow to avoid exposure to yellow dust. 

South Korea's weather authorities recommend you take caution during bouts of yellow dust.

You are advised to stay indoors with windows sealed to prevent the dust from seeping in. 

Wearing protective glasses, masks and clothing with long sleeves is recommended when going outside. 

After returning home, you are advised to wash your hands and feet as well as brush your teeth.

Air purifiers and humidifiers can help keep the air filtered and clean.

Infants and elementary school children should refrain from outdoor activities.

All produce, such as fruit, vegetables and fish, must be washed sufficiently before consumption. 

You should also wash your hands thoroughly before cooking so that dust particles don't get into the food.

Those raising livestock should keep their animals inside and shielded from the outside air.

Crops should be covered with vinyl or tents to protect them from the dust.

Please check our website at world-dot-kbs-dot-co-dot-kr for up to date information and procedures.