President Moon Jae-in said Monday that the next two months will see major changes as summit talks will be held between the two Koreas and between the U.S. and North Korea.

He said that should South Korea succeed, there will be dramatic changes created in world history and the Republic of Korea will have played the leading role.

Chairing a meeting with his top aides, the president said that a valuable opportunity has come to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, establish a permanent peace regime and usher in a path of joint prosperity for South and North Korea.

He said the world is paying attention to South Korea's capability, and the destiny of the country and the Korean Peninsula depends on whether this opportunity can be seized successfully.

He said it is too important of an opportunity and that it can't be missed for the whole country. 

Moon said that public support will be the strength that leads to success while overcoming unpredictable external factors. 

He asked the public, rival parties and conservatives and liberals to step beyond party lines and ideologies and come together in national unity so the upcoming summit talks can be a success.