President Moon Jae-in has instructed his officials to prepare well for the inter-Korean summit so it can be a good guide for the U.S.-North Korea summit to produce successful outcomes. 

Moon made the instruction on Wednesday at the fifth meeting of the preparation committee for the historic summit. He noted the Seoul-Pyongyang summit will lead to the first-ever summit between the U.S. and the North, which he said in itself is meaningful in the history of the world. 

Moon said South Korea is willing to take a leading role in accomplishing the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, establishing permanent peace in the region and developing sustainable inter-Korean ties, calling the objectives a great transition in global history. 

Noting the goals have long been dreamed but yet to be realized, the president said the South Korean government needs an extraordinary resolution and confidence to write a new chapter of history where division and confrontation will give way to peace. 

Saying the U.S. and the North are sincerely preparing for their upcoming bilateral summit, he hoped the summit will take a big stride in achieving denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and establishing permanent peace in the region.