The younger daughter of Korean Air’s owner returned home from a vacation in Vietnam on Sunday amid allegations that she abused her power by throwing water at a staffer of an advertisement company.

Cho Hyun-min, who is an executive at the nation’s largest air carrier, came under more heat after an audio file was released Saturday in which a woman, presumed to be Cho, is heard yelling at an executive-level official. 

Police, who launched an investigation into Cho Friday, have summoned employees of Korean Air for questioning to determine whether her actions fall into the category of violence or obstruction of business.  

It was reported Thursday that Cho, who is in charge of the company's advertisement projects, allegedly yelled and threw water at a manager of an ad agency in a meeting last month, after losing her temper because she was unsatisfied with answers to her questions. 

While admitting that parts of the allegations are true, Korean Air said that Cho never threw water at the ad company staffer.