Former President Park Geun-hye has decided not to appeal a court ruling that sentenced her to 24 years in prison and fines of 18 billion won. 

According to the Seoul Central District Court, Park submitted on Monday a letter of intention to forfeit her right to appeal the verdict delivered early this month. 

This comes three days after her younger sister Park Geun-ryong submitted an appeal on her behalf under the criminal procedure code that allows close family members, a spouse or legal representatives to ask for an appeal for the convicted. 

Her case will still be heard by the Seoul High Court since the prosecution filed an appeal last Wednesday, raising issue with the not guilty verdicts on some charges against Park. 

In February, the prosecution sought a 30-year prison sentence and a fine of 118-and-a-half billion won for the ousted leader, but the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Park to 24 years in prison, finding her guilty of 16 out of 18 charges.