Tensions are further mounting between rival camps as they remain at odds over controversies surrounding Financial Supervisory Service Governor Kim Ki-sik and Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Kyoung-soo.  

Even after the FSS chief’s resignation, the main opposition Liberty Korea Party(LKP) has called on the top office to assume responsibility for appointing Kim in the first place and for an independent counsel to look into the case. The opposition had demanded Kim’s resignation, raising issue with his overseas trips sponsored by financial institutions while he was a lawmaker.

The ruling Democratic Party, on its part, blasted the LKP and demanded that a comprehensive probe be conducted on all lawmakers who went on sponsored trips. 

Meanwhile, the LKP also called for an independent counsel to probe the online comment-rigging scandal surrounding Rep. Kim Kyoung-soo. The ruling camp retorted that the scandal centers around one delusional individual. 

With the confrontation between rival camps heating up further, observers say the prospects of parliamentary activities normalizing this month have become even bleaker. 

In particular, many observers say that a constitutional revision in June is highly unlikely to take place and the passage of a supplementary budget bill is expected to face serious hardship for the time being. 

The LKP on Tuesday set up tents in front of the National Assembly and launched an indefinite sit-in.