A new report shows an average of 36 South Koreans commit suicide every day.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare disclosed the latest suicide-related figures on Tuesday during a workshop to discuss measures to address the issue.  

According to the ministry, 13-thousand-92 people took their own lives in the country in 2016. That's 25-point-six suicide deaths per 100-thousand people, which is two-point-four times higher than the OECD average. 

Suicide rounded out top five causes of death in South Korea, following cancer, cerebrovascular disease, cardiac disorders and pneumonia. 

Mental health issues were cited as the most frequent reasons for suicide at 36-point-two percent, followed by economic and other livelihood-related problems at 23-point-four percent, physical illnesses at 21-point-three percent and family issues at eight-point-nine percent.