Prosecutors looking into a case surrounding unlawful employment practices at a public firm say Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il blocked their attempt to arrest a prosecutor-turned-lawmaker implicated in it. 

The investigation team on Kangwon Land, led by the head of the Gwangju District Prosecutors’ Office Yang Bu-nam, said in a statement on Tuesday that it reported to the top prosecutor on May first a plan to seek a court warrant to arrest Representative Kwon Seong-dong of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party.

The prosecutors said that instead of approving the plan, Moon ordered them to form a team of advisers at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and let it decide on the plan. 

The team said that it decided to indict high-level prosecutors suspected of putting pressure on the investigation into the Kangwon Land scandal and called on Moon to convene a prosecutorial investigation review committee to verify their alleged wrongdoings. 

However, they said Moon also blocked the request, adding the team of advisers will review the results of their investigations.  

In February, prosecutor Ahn Mee-hyun first raised an allegation against the alleged intervention in the Kangwon Land investigation by prosecutors who are not part of the team. 

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office denied it at the time, saying there would be no outside pressure, even from Prosecutor General Moon.