The White House has downplayed comments by U.S. national security adviser John Bolton, who recently called for a Libya model for the denuclearization of North Korea. 

When asked about the model, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that she hadn't seen that as part of any discussions so she's not aware that that's the model the U.S. is using. 

She said the White House was following the "President Trump model," adding Trump is the best negotiator and he will run negotiations the way he sees fit. 

North Korea has taken issue with comments from top security adviser John Bolton that the North should follow the "Libyan model" of denuclearization first, compensation second. 

Following a threat by North Korea to pull out of the planned summit with the U.S., Sanders also said that the U.S. is still hopeful that the summit will take place, adding the threat was something that the U.S. fully expected and Trump is "ready for very tough negotiations."

She said that if North Korea wants to meet, the U.S. will be ready and if they don't that's OK, adding if there is no meeting, the U.S. would "continue with the campaign of maximum pressure."

[Photo : YONHAP News]