The United Nations is reported to have asked the United States to provide food assistance for North Korea last month, but the U.S. refused. 

Foreign Policy, a Washington-based magazine focused on global affairs, said that World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley proposed to White House officials in a meeting in April that Washington join WFP’s food assistance program for the North, but the U.S. officials rebuffed the appeal.   

Beasley said he is expecting Washington could change its stance on the issue depending on the progress of its relations with Pyongyang. 

The WFP plans to make the best use of the eased geopolitical tension on the Korean Peninsula ahead of the planned U.S.-North Korea summit and push for measures to substantially increase its international donations for UN relief operations in the North. 

Beasley visited the North for four days through Friday of last week and toured WFP projects in the nation.