North Korea has continued to ramp up its rhetoric against the South Korea-U.S. joint Max Thunder drill.

In a commentary on Thursday, the North's propaganda Web site Uriminzokkiri said dialogue and war drills can never co-exist on the Korean Peninsula, citing the Max Thunder exercise.

The Web site went on to say that while North Korea will continue its efforts to maintain and improve the current political situation, it will not tolerate indiscriminate drills aimed at hurting fellow countrymen. 

Citing South Korean media and experts, the Web site said that unlike last year, this year's drill was likely to see F-22 stealth fighters and B-52 bombers, adding that the participation of such aircraft would be a clear provocation against the North.

South Korea's Defense Ministry, however, said the B-52 bombers are not part of this year's Max Thunder drill.

Earlier in the week, Pyongyang abruptly called off a high-level meeting with Seoul, and threatened to boycott its upcoming summit with the U.S., raising issue with the Max Thunder exercise.