South Korea's Unification Ministry will lay out a comprehensive plan for inter-Korean economic cooperation that works in tandem with the process of denuclearizing North Korea. 

The ministry unveiled the plan on Thursday during a policy report to the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee. 

The ministry said it will categorize the agreements reached during the inter-Korean summit into those that can be immediately implemented, those that require further discussions with the North and those that can be worked out at a later time when the conditions are right. 

It said inter-Korean economic cooperation will be pushed for within the framework of the Korean Peninsula New Economic Initiative, which President Moon Jae-in proposed to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during last month's inter-Korean summit. 

The ministry said it will start drawing up a comprehensive plan for inter-Korean economic cooperation through discussions with related ministries and experts. 

Regarding the issue of denuclearization and peace, the ministry said it will identify specific measures based on the results of the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit and by closely coordinating with related countries, including the U.S. and China.