The two main keywords related to best sellers in Korea's bookstores during the first half of the year were "women's feelings" and "defending one's rights". 

According to a tally by the country's two major bookstore chains, the Number One best seller in the year's first half was "How to Smile and Cope with Rude People", magazine editor Jung Moon-jung's illustrated essay about communication skills.

Number Two on the list was writer Cho Nam-joo's "'Kim Ji-young, Born 1982", which dealt with the subject of gender discrimination and equality.

Others in the top ten ranking, such as Kim Soo-hyun's "I Decided to Live As Me," were also books about defending one's rights and highlighting one's identity.

The book chains explained the MeToo movement which started in Korea early this year and recent controversy over abuse of power by the country's business leaders have likely affected the Korean people's reading selection.

Also, more than 60 percent of book purchases were made by women in the same period, which meant a majority of books in the best seller ranking were selected by women.

[Photo : YONHAP News]