A dozen Supreme Court justices held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss possible responses to allegations that the top court under its former chief Yang Sung-tae abused its power. 

Current Supreme Court Chief Justice Kim Myeong-su and the 12 justices held the meeting along with the head of the court’s National Court Administration. 

The meeting came on the heels of a series of judges' meetings nationwide after an investigation panel under the top court revealed on May 25th that the judiciary under Yang had allegedly used politically sensitive trials to make a deal with the presidential office in return for support to establish a new appellate court. 

During Tuesday’s meeting, Chief Justice Kim listened to the opinions of the justices, who reportedly agreed on the seriousness of the allegations, but differed on the court's possible response. Still, most of the justices are said to have called for caution regarding a request for a prosecutorial investigation. 

Kim is expected to make his decision regarding the allegations after Thursday when the local elections are completed.

[Photo : KBS News]