Anchor: Following his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump sat down with U.S. media. While stressing that the North Korean leader will start the denuclearization process "virtually immediately," Trump clarified his plans to freeze Washington's joint military exercises with Seoul.
Our Kim Daum wraps up Trump's latest remarks


[Sound bite: US President Donald Trump (June 12/ABC News)]
(ABC Host George Stephanopoulos: "Did you talk about pulling troops out? U.S. troops out of South Korea?")
"We didn't discuss that, no. But we're not going to play the war games." 

In an interview with ABC News, following his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump reaffirmed that Washington will suspend its annual military drills with Seoul.

[Sound bite: US President Donald Trump (June 12/ABC News)]
"I'm doing something that I've wanted to do from the beginning. We stopped playing those war games that cost us a fortune. You know, we're spending a fortune every number of months we're doing war games with South Korea... And I think it's very provocative - especially George, since we're getting along. In other words, we're - in the interest of signing something." 

Trump said the joint exercises will stop as long as Washington is "negotiating in good faith" with Pyongyang.

[Sound bite: US President Donald Trump (June 12/ABC News)]
"You know, over my lifetime, I've done a lot of deals with a lot of people. And sometimes the people that you most distrust turn out to be the most honorable ones and the people that you do trust, they are not the honorable ones... " 

The U.S. president said he trusts Kim Jong-un. 

[Sound bite: U.S. President Donald Trump (June 12/ABC News)]
"I do trust him, yeah. Now, will I come back to you in a year and you'll be interviewing me and I'll say, gee, I made a mistake - that's always possible, you know we're dealing at a very high level, a lot of things can change, a lot of things are possible. He trusts me, I believe, I really do.  

Speaking to Fox News, Trump also sought to justify his harsh rhetoric, including the terms "fire and fury" and "little rocket man" which he used last year.
[Sound bite: U.S. President Donald Trump (June 12/Fox News)]
"Well I think without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here. I really believe that. We did sanctions and all the things you would do. But I think without the rhetoric, you know other administrations, I don't want to get specific on that, they had a policy of silence. If they [North Korea] said something very bad, just don't answer. That's not the answer. That's not what you have to do. So think the rhetoric - I hated so do it. Sometimes I felt foolish doing it. But we had no choice." 

Suggesting there could be a follow-up meeting to their landmark summit on Tuesday, Trump said he would love to invite the North Korean leader to the White House.  

The president said its possible Kim will make a trip to Washington in the future. He said he thinks that at the right time Kim will absolutely be coming to the White House. 
Kim Daum, KBS World Radio News.

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