The chief of the ruling Democratic Party(DP) says that the party's landslide victory in the local elections is a victory for the people and vowed to faithfully fulfill the DP’s duties as the governing party.

As the party was poised to win an overwhelming victory in the local elections as well as by-elections on Wednesday, chairwoman Choo Mi-ae said that the DP will do its best to return the strong support of the voters.

DP spokeswoman Back Hye-ryun also said that Wednesday will be recorded as a day of victory for the people, adding the elections reflected voters' aspirations for peace and prosperity and strong provincial governments.

Meanwhile, main opposition Liberty Korea Party Chairman Hong Joon-pyo posted on his social networking site that he will take all responsibility for a crushing defeat in the elections, indicating his possible resignation.

Party floor leader Kim Sung-tae said the outcome was "heartbreaking," but he would accept the results humbly. 

The party plans to hold a supreme council meeting Thursday afternoon to release its position on the election results and hold related discussions.

[Photo : YONHAP News]