Jeju Island's disaster safety control room is beefing up its readiness against approaching Typhoon Prapiroon. 

Initially classified as a severe tropical storm, Prapiroon has weakened some, with a central pressure of 975-hectopascals and 32 meter-per-second wind speeds, and it's expected to pass near the South Korean resort island around 90 kilometers east of Seogwipo at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. 

The Jeju Provincial Government is concerned some of its areas, which have been battered by heavy monsoon rains, will be further eroded by the typhoon to the point of landslides and flooding. 

Jeju City has raised its readiness alert level and mobilized an around-the-clock monitoring system, urging local citizens to stay cautious. 

Meanwhile, as of Monday afternoon, some 49 flights scheduled to depart and arrive in Jeju have been delayed, while 17 flights have been canceled due to strong winds and heavy rain.

[Photo : KBS WORLD Radio]