The Moon Jae-in administration has set a target to maintain the nation’s obesity rate at 34-point-eight percent or less within its term. 

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said on Thursday that nine government agencies confirmed a five-year plan to counter growing obesity-linked health problems. 

Under the so-called national comprehensive measures to manage obesity plan, the aim will be to keep the national obesity rate at or lower than 2016 levels between this year and 2022. 

To that end, the government will extend health insurance coverage for extremely obese people to help them get surgeries or counseling services related with their weight issues. 

A health incentive program will also be introduced, in which healthy people will be awarded for efficient self-health management. 

South Korea’s extreme obesity rate is expected to rise from five-point-three percent in 2016 to nine percent in 2030. 

The country’s social cost from obesity nearly doubled in 10 years from four-point-eight trillion won in 2006 to nine-point-two trillion won in 2015.

[Photo : KBS News]