Anchor: Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest Galaxy Note 9 phablet in New York on Thursday. The South Korean tech giant's newest premium device is equipped with a Bluetooth-powered stylus and the best battery and storage among its models.
Choi You Sun has the details.


[Sound bite: Koh Dong-jin - Samsung Electronics President and Co-CEO]
"It is my great pleasure to present the all new Galaxy Note 9."

Samsung Electronics' new product, the Galaxy Note 9, which showcased in New York Thursday, features a six-point-four-inch display with a Bluetooth-powered stylus "S Pen" that also serves as a remote control.

The improved stylus allows users to control apps and snap selfies from up to nine meters away with just a click of the pen.

[Sound bite: Adam Kuhn - Samsung Electronics America National Product Trainer]
"So now you can use your S Pen for even more tasks like opening applications, acting like a remote shutter, so I can use it to take a picture, and I can use it to even do things like control my music."

Another distinctive feature of the Note 9 is a much bigger battery compared to its predecessor the Note 8. It will allow for more than a day of normal use without recharging.

Samsung, which has been cautious about expanding battery capacity following the fiasco over its Note 7 batteries catching fire two years ago, has responded to market demand after conducting multiple inspections of its phones.

[Sound bite: Adam Kuhn - Samsung Electronics America National Product Trainer] 
"The brand new Note 9 has a four-thousand-milliamp hour power battery, which is the largest battery we've ever put in a Note."

The Note 9 also boasts bigger storage at 128 and 512 gigabytes, a high-performance processor capable of download speeds of up to one-point-two gigabits per second, and a new cooling system for a longer maximum performance.

As for its camera function, the phablet can optimize settings depending on objects and inform the user if a person's eyes are closed or if the photo is out of focus.

Sale of the Note 9 will start in South Korea on August 24th, with preorders starting Monday.

The price tag of the 128 gigabyte model is expected to be around one-point-09 million won, while the 512 gigabyte edition will cost around one-point-35 million won.
Choi You Sun, KBS World Radio News.

[Photo : YONHAP News]