A female dolphin released three years ago in the South Korean sea off the nation’s southern resort island of Jeju has given birth. 

A joint research team consisting of scholars from Jeju National University, Ewha Womans University and Japan’s Kyoto University announced the birth on Friday.

The researchers said the dolphin, named Boksun, has been observed swimming in a mother-calf position with a baby in the seawater off Seogwipo in southern Jeju since August seventh. The 20-year-old dolphin is presumed to have given birth recently as she was seen alone on July 28th. 

Boksun was illegally captured from waters off Jeju and used in a local dolphin show before she was rescued and released in 2015. A male dolphin, presumed to be 23 years old, was released with her. 

It is the third time a female dolphin released in South Korean seas has given birth, following two previous cases in 2016.

[Photo : YONHAP News]